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Cut-Your-Own Tree!
  • bow saws provided
  • tree wheelers provided
  • complimentary hot coffee and cider
  • free tractor drawn wagon rides
  • free tree shaking ($1 to string wrap)
  • tree stands & tree removal bags available in our shop

Species Available for Cutting

  • Balsam Fir up to 8'
  • Fraser Fir up to 8'
  • Blue/Meyer Spruce up to 7.5'
  • Also, some precut trees from our friend, Ben Nichols, in Lyme, NH — a few 12'-14' Balsam, as well as some 7'-9' Balsam/Frasers, pre-cut fresh from his farm.


  • Up to 8 ft. — $70
  • 8-9 ft. — $75

    Sales Tax additional


We accept cash and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover).

Dogs Are Welcome!

We welcome the canine members of your family at Pierce's Tree Farm! Please make sure they are leashed while on the farm and please be prepared to clean up after them.

Caring For Your Fresh Tree

After cutting your tree, bring it home immediately. Set it up in your stand and add water. It may take 24-36 hours for the tree to take any water (depending on weather conditions). If it has been 4-5 hours since cutting, you should make a new cut approximately 1/2 inch off the bottom before putting it in your stand. If it must be stored overnight or a few days, be sure to place it in the shade, preferably in water, and make a new cut on the bottom before placing it in the stand.

Do not add anything to the water except a product specifically made as a tree preservative.

Be sure your stand is large enough to hold sufficient water. If the tree is allowed to dry even once, it may sap over and prevent it from taking up water.

If possible, keep the tree away from wood stoves, direct sunlight, and heat registers.

Enjoy your real Christmas tree!

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